China: Emissions vs Mitigation

Shifting Consumptions

With the world’s largest population of 1.35 billion, and an industrialising coal-based economy, the NIC of China has overtaken the US as the world’s biggest carbon dioxide emitter (Schneider,2010), although it’s greener than you think.

China is the world’s biggest CO2 emitter according to GDP. Ref: China is the world’s biggest CO2 emitter according to GDP.

Environmental impacts resulted in the 2013 smog in Beijing, with concentrations 40 times the WHO’s safe limit. Therefore it’s China’s national interest to develop in a cleaner way, so it’s taking actions to reduce emissions and is a smaller emitter than the US per capita:

Ref: Ref:

China’s GDP emissions are greater as developed countries take advantage of cheaper modes of production, moving their emissions to China to meet Kyoto targets, appearing to reduce their emissions whilst increasing them elsewhere. China therefore feel less responsible to reduce emissions, as developed countries have historically emitted more during development. The US have emitted 30%…

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Take care at our planet, go Green.

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