Algal Fuels: Green Gold

biotechnology and society

When you look in a pool after its been closed for winter or into most ponds or wetlands, you’ll most likely see a green, plant-like material growing in it. That stuff is called algae, and they’re eukaryotic organisms in the phylum Protista. There aren’t strict definitions for what makes something algae, but most of them are autotrophic and live in water. Recently, these guys have become the focus of some serious research involving alternative fuel production.

Who needs algae when we’ve got fossil fuels?

Currently, the human race powers itself by using fossil fuels. Oil, coal, and natural gas are, by far, the highest contributors to energy production in the United Nations and around the globe. The problem with using fossil fuels is that when they are burned to provide energy, they produce carbon emissions that can harm the Earth’s atmosphere. The EPA found that burning of fossil fuels accounted…

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Take care at our planet, go Green.

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