National Geographic Arctic map shows half as much ice

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I was going to re-post this information from Tony Heller’s blog Real Science but somehow it does not have the option. I will post it here. Tony Heller points out that National Geographic (NatGeo) tweeted an Arctic map last week that shows half as much ice as there actually is.


The actual Arctic ice amount is below. It shows double the amount of ice as National Geographic‘s map.


It looks like NatGeo used an ice map of theirs from 1971. Notice the ice levels from the map below match the one posted in the first map above.


There is obviously nothing climate alarmist publications like National Geographic will resort to in order to pitch the human-induced global warming narrative. The conspiracy theorist in me would like to think this is a conspiracy but that would be too generous. It is due to examples like this that the magazine wonders…

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Take care at our planet, go Green.

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