Volvo Reveals Plans For More Plug-In Hybrids, And Fully Electric Cars

Culver City Volvo Cars

xc90 twin engine

People seem to be growing increasingly interested in electric cars.  This recent survey of 800 teenagers between 14 and 17 reveals that over 80 percent expect their first car purchase to be an electric car.  Improvements in battery technology have led to a sharp decrease in the cost of using electric vehicles, so the environmental benefits are now a decisive factor for many drivers.

Volvo has decades of experience working with electrification in cars, and its plug-in hybrids have been both successful in reducing emissions while maintaining excellent performance and popular with car buyers.  In fact, Volvo has observed that drivers are using the electric mode in their twin-engine Volvos around half the time.  With that in mind, the company is announcing that it will introduce plug-in hybrids across its entire range of vehicles and build a fully electric car by 2019.

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