Beauty in Solar

Nate Trusty

When pondering giant, futuristic energy generating installations, one rarely envisions a beautiful, shimmering sea of twirling squares.  Southeast of Vegas exists just such a thing. 173,500 heliostats (2 massive mirrors that rotate to focus light on a particular point) focus in synchrony just on the edge of the Mojave.b70802cefcf0d05fd139302d5b42ed422b4c6978

The Ivanpah Solar Power facility is a Department of Energy backed, $2.2 billion facility consisting of the aforementioned heliostats and 4 power towers. At the facility, the mirrors focus light on the Power Towers. The concentrated light has the same effect as sun through a magnifying glass on ants. The heat generated within the Power Tower boils the water, making steam, which then, in the most unsurprising turn in history, rotates a turbine to generate electricity.

Ivanpah is the largest solar installation in the world and  can services ebb6c4f54b89c156ff8d815a2e70d07ceed50843around 140,000 homes each year. California has legislated that 33 percent of the state’s…

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Take care at our planet, go Green.

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