Greenland’s contribution to sea-level rise


The below picture for this blog post is a powerful image of how the Atlantic ocean will cover New York City’s Wall Street if we allow the world to rise four degrees Celsius. This article explores one piece of the science behind this prediction.

sea level rise pic

Sea-level rise is one of the most tangible changes that climate change will bring over the next few decades. Indeed, the word’s coastlines will have to be remapped and some of our most iconic neighborhoods will no longer by inhabitable. Understanding the dynamics of ice sheet loss in places like Greenland and Antarctica is extremely important for predicting exactly how much sea-level rise we are due to experience. Understanding ice sheet dynamics and rates of melting has been difficult partly due to the fact that we have not been intensively monitoring the world’s ice sheets for longer than a few decades. Recently, scientists have been getting more creative about extracting useful…

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Take care at our planet, go Green.

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