Out of Order – call for sustainability?

The Rhetoric of Everyday Life

As it was briefly mentioned in class, we cannot indubitably associate success and moral correctness. One example I learned of recently is as follows: Larry Summers was the Chief Economist of the World Bank, and later, he became the President of Harvard University. Arguably, a wise, successful man would be the one to overlook Harvard University and the world’s financial institution, right? 

Well, Larry Summers was also the man who blatantly justified the exportation of America’s waste (WASTE!) to developing, third-world countries as a proper solution to the growing amount of waste and the already filled-up landfills around our fifty states.

A few of his arguments made in 1991 were, I paraphrase, the least developed countries, specifically those in Africa, are seriously under-polluted and thus could stand to benefit from pollution trading schemes as they had air and water to spare; … and environmental protection for ‘health and aesthetic…

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Take care at our planet, go Green.

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