Zyba’s wave power that restores reefs

The Earthbound Report

Wave power has been the poor cousin of renewable energy technologies. The ocean is always moving, and we know there’s this vast clean source of power endlessly lapping at our shorelines. Tapping it has so far been quite tricky, but a variety of technologies have been developed and piloted, with a few installed commercially. There are wave capturing steel floats, undersea turbines and buoys, among others.

British company Zyba have a new idea that caught my attention. They are developing a wave power unit that doubles up as a form of coastal protection and grows an artificial reef.

The energy generating unit is called a CCell, and it’s an 8 metre high anchored paddle made from glass fibre composites. Waves hit its flexible curved surface and push it back, and the energy from the motion is captured. The curved shape of the CCells make them very strong for their…

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Take care at our planet, go Green.

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