Climate Change:  Trump Cutting Back Obama’s Fuel Regulations

Vortex(t): (re)Inventing & Delivering Information

By Ashley Christenbury

Reviewed by Rachel Spradlin and Alex Brown

Timeline Presentation

global warming

Some people believe that our climate is changing based on human actions.  This is something that could affect our future, and the future of our planet.  Therefore, it is something we should take seriously.  Knowing about the environment is an important thing.  It’s also important to know how we affect it.  Former President Obama placed many regulations on pollution and the release of harmful gases.  President Trump has decided to review the Clean Power Plan and is planning on limiting these restrictions and regulations.  He believes the restrictions are too strict and that they aren’t necessary.  While these restrictions were placed on many areas of production, what drew my interest was the automobile industry.  According to most research, cars contribute to a substantial amount of the pollution that is changing our climate.

Title:  Trump Signs Executive Order Rolling…

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Take care at our planet, go Green.

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