Miracle Scientists Turn Air Into Water



A man named Jesus supposedly turned water into wine and now scientists can turn air into water by using the sun. It’s a similar process to alternative energy generation but with a different final product.  One of the best benefits is that the process requires little to no electricity at all. Scientists at the University of California (Berkeley) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology created a system that uses metal-organic frameworks, or porous crystals, to absorb water from the air. As you probably know, water exists in three different forms: liquid, solid and gas. The form  in question is gas which permeates the air. If you were to leave a sugar jar opened for a given amount of time it will become lumpy. This is due to the water in the air that the sugar craves and so absorbs.  Omar M.Yaghi, one of the scientists at M.I.T, developed a prototype…

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Take care at our planet, go Green.

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