Electrofuels: using your car to produce oxygen

Green It Yourself Now!

Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gases in the UK, accounting for a quarter of total national emissions. These gases pollute the air, cause diseases and contribute to climate change. Therefore, finding an alternative to fossil fuels is very important to protect the environment and our health.

Car charging on a tree on a green field with blue sky, sustainability concept, electrofuels

Fossil fuels were the drivers of the industrial revolution and engineering advancements. However, it all came with downsides: pollution, health issues and environmental impact. When fossil fuels are burned to provide energy for motors and machines, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. High concentrations of this gas cause suffocation, dizziness, headaches, lung and allergy issues. In addition, carbon dioxide also absorbs and emits infrared radiation, increasing the temperature of the planet’s surface and lower atmosphere and causing global warming.

Donna con sinusite o allergia, rinite

Carbon dioxide occurs naturally in the atmosphere and is actually beneficial in very small amounts as oxygen and nitrogen can’t absorb infrared…

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Take care at our planet, go Green.

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One comment on “Electrofuels: using your car to produce oxygen
  1. delsenboisen says:

    Go Green. Nice post to help the awareness of saving our world with every change we make to help save it.

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